COST: $1000 per video (up to 5 minutes). 

TIMELINE: 1 week from the recording of the video testimonial with a zoom meeting.


WHY SO INEXPENSIVE?: Because we can use a zoom meeting for the recording of the testimonial (save the travel, cameras, equipment, lighting and production expenses).

WILL YOU CREATE A LOGO ANIMATION TREATMENT FOR US?: Yes. If you want us to create a logo treatment we will do it for an additional $250. This will be a one time charged and the logo animation treatment can be used on all of your testimonial videos. 

CAN YOU RECORD THE TESTIMONIALS YOURSELF?: Yes. If you provide the video footage for the testimonial we will discount another $200 and do the editing for $800.

START NOW. Send us a message and let us know if you would like one or many VIDEOS!

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